Our Values

1. We are our own target audience.

We are students organizing a conference on global poverty for students.  Adding value to the student conference experience and aligning the conference with our value system are inescapable outcomes.

2. We place students and their work in global development front and center.

Students present their projects to a panel of experts. Experts provide feedback and assist students in overcoming the difficulties many young organizations face in the transition from theory to practice.

3. We are not just about the rah-rah!

Student projects that take on global poverty are worthy of our recognition.  However, given the fundamental challenges they confront, they are also worthy of some tough questions.  For starters, what happens after graduation?

4. We are flying coach not business.

Our consumption patterns reveal our value system.  Every dollar we spend on this conference is one less dollar spent on moving families out of poverty.  So, linens for the catering table are out and box lunches are in.

5. We are striving for zero-waste.

Those families ensnared in poverty are the very same families that are most susceptible to climate change.  Some minor behavioral changes on our part (bringing your coffee mug, water bottle, and more) can lessen our environmental impact.